Grace Tang, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, CA #52028
Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist
Turning Crisis into Opportunity!

Couple Relationship

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships. Your primary relationship with your significant other should nurture your life, not drain it. If you often feel drained, frustrated, or overwhelmed by this relationship, do not hesitate to seek professional help.

I am certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a cutting-edge empirically validated therapy for couples. Other couple therapists may teach communication skills or negotiation strategies, but couples often find that in the heat of an argument, their emotions are so heightened that all the skills and strategies get thrown out of the window. EFT, on the other hand, helps you understand why you get into those negative patterns of arguments by focusing on emotions, the key agent that drives the relationship interactions.

As your EFT couple therapist, I will help you and your partner become aware of your emotional reactions, discover the underlying emotional needs, restructure and expand your emotional responses to each other, so you will experience a new way of relating and create a lasting secure emotional bond.

You may have gone through years of schooling, but did you spend any time or effort learning about intimate relationship? I will guide you toward transforming this important relationship, and you may find that seeking couple counseling is the best investment you have ever made in your life.