Grace Tang, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, CA #52028
Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist
Turning Crisis into Opportunity!

About Counseling

How does counseling work?

If you have never received counseling before, you might be wondering what it is like to counsel with me. I will draw on a variety of therapeutic techniques to meet your specific needs. With sensitivity, respect and compassion, I will provide you with a structured framework, allow you to explore thoughts and emotions, and help you increase self-understanding or develop new skills. My counseling usually consists of the following steps:

  1. Initial consultation

    I invite you to call me for a free confidential phone consultation. During the phone call, you can give me an overview of what you would like to work on, and I will let you know if this is something I can help you with. If both of us feel it is a good match, we will go ahead and schedule the first face-to-face appointment either online or in the office; otherwise I can give you an appropriate referral. Sessions are typically scheduled weekly, and each session is 50 minutes.

  2. Assessment

    In the first few sessions, I will work with you to examine your current struggles, review your past experiences, explore your future aspirations, and define specific therapy goals.

  3. Treatment

    Based on the assessment, we will determine the best treatment for you, incorporating up-to-date research with the consideration of your unique characteristics and culture. The length of treatment varies depending on the type and severity of problem and your motivation to change. Psychological measurements may be done periodically to evaluate the progress.

  4. Termination

    When you reach your therapy goals, the termination session will help you review what you have learned and plan for the possible obstacles in the future.